Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Mike Culhane wrote and recorded this awesome tune -- "Enchanted" for the Circus Guy debut album "The Lovely Luna" then took the song on the road to the Middle East, enchanting audiences and stopping the chanting of anti-American slogans by crowds of near-violent protesters from Syria to Palestine to Egypt. In this wonderful music video, crafted by film-maker and guitarist James Dean Conklin ( Circus Guy is captured performing the tune throughout the land of the pharoahs. Note violinist and pedal steel guitarist Ted Stern -- a veritable "rocket scientist" whose patented solar technology flies on many space missions -- he came to Egypt not only to play but to demonstrate a new invention for low cost solar electric and solar thermal applications (see Energy Conversion Conference presentation here). Note the scenes of the band performing in the desert dunes of the Fayoum (where some of the oldest hominid fossils are found) using a BP Solarex photovoltaic panel to power the electric guitars, and the scenes of the band performing on the solar and wind powered stage at the Wadi Environmental Science Center, powered by the 14 Siemans, Astropower and Photowatt panels and the Windstream Air403 Wind generator that T.H. Culhane originally used to live off the grid at the Los Angeles Eco-Village!

Circus Guy's mission to provide "oil free music" in the Middle East is documented in the documentary film "Solar Circus", which contains this music video as one of its center pieces. The whole documentary can be viewed here.


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