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This is T.H. and Mike Culhane, Clown College alumni from the class of 1975. We graduated with Bill Witter and Dolly Span Baker and Enoch Cook and then toured with Bill and Enoch and Steve Smith and other good friends in the Blue Unit under boss clown
Ron Severini. We were the "youngest salaried clowns in the history of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus" in the summer of 1976, the bicentennial show year.

Since September 11, 2001, Mike and T.H. have been making biannual tours of the Middle East
(Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Cyprus, Kuwait, Egypt, Morrocco) with a show
we put together with Mark Shapiro of the U.S. State Department Cultural Affairs Division called "The Circus Guy Musical Goodwill Ambassador Program." We basically bring musicians and performers from the U.S. and the Mid East together on stage and in workshops, with a dash of unicycle riding, juggling and handstands thrown in for fun and chicanery, and use the outside performance time to meet with ambassadors and community leaders and scientists and planners, demonstrating technologies for sustainable development and alternative energy (trying to get the Mid East to kick the oil habit too!)

We have a DVD documentary trilogy coming out (Solar Circus, Water Circus, Recycle Circus). Previews can be seen here:

Mike is currently living in Northhampton Mass. with his wife Amy Weingartner Culhane, editor for Disney Adventures Magazine, and T.H.
and his wife Sybille Fruetl Culhane live between Cairo, Egypt and Essen, Germany with occasional pit stops in New York and L.A. (T.H. is getting his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA).
In July and August of 2001 T.H. Culhane was visiting Fullbright scholar Hind Rassam Culhane and author John Culhane in Damascus, Syria while Michael was performing with Circus Guy in New York. During this time T.H. performed at many embassy functions and parties with Cultural Affairs officer Mark Schapiro and American and Syrian musicians. After the tragedy of September 11th, Mark Schapiro and T.H. and Michael Culhane decided to make Michael's New York based rock band "Circus Guy" a regular part of the U.S. State Department mission to "change hearts and minds" through cultural exchange.

T.H. Culhane maintains three other blogs that talk about the Circus Guy Musical Goodwill Ambassador Program:, and



Blogger Susan Wingate said...

I think I went to high school with Dolly Span (now Baker) and I'm wondering if you know where she is or how to contact her. I helped her run away so that she could go to clown school. My maiden name is Susi Ajamie and my married name is Wingate. Any help in finding Dolly would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. -Susan

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